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New spa terapies

Each of the spa salon looking for his highlights which are designed to win the hearts of customers. Some of the participants in the spa market services succeeded in this, and offer already quite outrageous kinds of spa programs. Israeli Ara Barak has opened an unusual spa that not everyone dare to visit it: in a place called Snake spa therapists work with reptiles. Therapeutic effect of creepy reptiles came to Barak's mind when she played with her home snake - skid. Worth to wear some time reptile on the neck to get relieve as migraine, pain in muscles and joints. Barak began offering a snake terapy to his guests, and all as one noted the positive effect of such therapy. Moreover, communication with them contributed to the restoration of peace and balance.

     Gradually, there was so many customers that she opened her own salon, where harmless snakes are doing massage to visitors. Working in the spa with larger reptiles - they make a deeper massage, kneading all the muscle groups. Session, during which dozens of snakes crawling on the client's body, it is worth about 30 euro. Surprising, but there was that much demand to visit this exotic spa, that all prepaid in the months ahead.

Here is how it is written in the press:

      The main attraction of the village of Talma Elazar, northern Israel is "Farm carnivorous plants" Ada Barak. "Northern Health Resort" offers to try snake massage: not everyone can decide to go with this procedure, but anyone who has felt the touch of a snake's skin, agrees that this feeling comparable with nothing.

      For a long time the main attraction of the farm were not snakes, and carnivorous plants. Visitors would see with his own eyes plant traps intended for insects, reptiles and rodents, as well as the process of predator plant feeding. But after Ada Barak has opened a new way of snake massage, the farm began to attract thrill seekers of all ages.

      5-6 of snakes, does not feel too comfortable on the human body, every creeping into his side. An experienced massage therapist returns cool and smooth "healers" to the place, confusing them so that they stay longer in a cool tangle. Heavy snake, king snake and spotted climbing runner massages with deep impact. Light snake, which, moving on to the human body, causing a pleasant vibration, are used to create harmony and peace.