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Spa hotels

With the right approach to the creation of spa-zone investor not only increases the attractiveness of the hotel in the eyes of the consumer, but also can count on an additional source of income. After all, the targeted audience of spa hotel is customers with a high level of income, at the age of 30-35 years - that is, active and wealthy people who are fighting for the attention of any client-oriented enterprise in hospitality industry. It is important first to understand what type of hotel is questioned. Conditionally divide all the hotels on the two types: urban and suburban.

In the spa at a city hotel prevail express care and spa procedures, usually lasting no more than 1.5-2 hours and are designed for quick cosmetic and relaxing effect.

Services in suburban spa - it's basically the programs that are designed for a longer stay in the spa center. Mandatory part of such programs is medical control and the target standby visible result: for example, weight loss, sustained improvement of skin, etc.

So, let's talk about creating spa in the hotel. This question is closely related to the solution of a number of key issues. First: amount of space that needed? It is worth to say that the amount of allocated space is the first prerequisite for the determination of the business model for a spa, for the functional areas, the number of treatment rooms, a range of services, investment requirements, as well as technical and economic parameters, among which the most important are the payback period and profitability. All modern spas at city hotels focused on two client flows - visitors who stay in the hotel and city customers. Consider the features of both types.

Customers who stay in the hotel as a rule, are in it for 1-3 days and in the first place are users of: beauty salon, a fitness area, as well as some of the spa express care. If spa under used, than there is always the possibility of attracting customers from outside.