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Peeling occupy an important place in the body care. This purification skin procedure, which is a peeling of the upper thickened skin layers. Spas and cosmetic companies offer a variety of peels, varying in texture (scrubs, gels, lotions, pastes, soaps) and composition. They can include both plant components - herbal extracts, essential oils, fruit pits, various types of honey and mineral components - sea and mountain salts, seaweed paste, phytoplankton, marine and volcanic mud, clay, sea sand.

  Proper peelings
Body Scrub is the starting procedure in most programs of body correction, de-stress, detoxification, anti cellulite, toning, moisturizing and mineralization of the skin is healing the body. Peeling, cleansing the pores of the skin, help to improve it respiratory function, oxygen-enriched cells, stimulate the elimination of toxins.

Trace elements that make up the peels penetrate the tissue and together with the gentle light massage and stimulate metabolism, increase blood circulation and lymph flow in the superficial and deeper layers of the skin renewal and regeneration of the skin. Body exfoliation is necessary to improve the efficiency of wraps and masks. The use of peeling after a sauna or hydrotherapy, when the skin is steamed and supple, improves the effect of removing dead skin cells. Body scrub, made before the start of the summer season will provide even more beautiful tan.

  How to Peel?
Peeling is applied to the moist skin and gently massaged by hand brush with natural bristles, or linen or silk mittens. Duration of treatment 15 minutes, then shower, as a result you get a smooth, radiant skin, perfectly prepared for further care. The process of active cell exfoliation would be suppling the nutrition and hydration to it.

Depending on the type of skin peels are used for dry skin - one every two weeks, for normal and combination - 1 time a week, for oily skin 2 times a week.