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Pearls bath is type of hydrotherapy

Bubble baths - one of the so-called hydrotherapy. At the bottom of the bath is lattice that air passes through which is pumped by the compressor. The thin metal tube with holes in it formes a lot of big air bubbles. They look like iridescent pearls, that where the name of procedure came from. Jets pushing the water mixed with air bubbles, gently massages the submerged body. Supine body position is almost perfect for complete relaxation of the muscles and more effective treatment.

Suggested use of bubble baths:
- Functional disorders of the nervous system
- Diseases of the musculoskeletal system
- The first stage of hypertension
- Stressful situations
- Metabolic disease
- Sedentary lifestyle

Regular use of bubble bath stimulates circulation, lowers blood pressure, helps relieve back pain and rheumatic symptoms, a beneficial effect on the nervous system, relieves muscle tension. In addition to this procedure helps to fight insomnia and relieves stress.

Dissatisfaction with the state of the skin and their appearance in general, excess weight, cellulite - here are a few reasons for the bubble bath. Spas willingly include this effective procedure in the list of its services, actively offer its customers.

The water temperature in the pearl bath is 35-36C. The procedure lasts about 10-15 minutes. The treatment should consist of 12-15 procedures and demand to attend every day or every other day. In the bath can added aromatic oil or marine salt. After the procedure use a special moisturizer (cream, lotion) to avoid dehydration of the skin. Immediately after the session does not proceed to the physical stress, get some rest.

Pearl Baths however like other water treatments are prescribed and conducted under supervision. There are contraindications such as:
- Acute inflammation
- Cardiovascular disease
- The second and third stages of hypertension
- Fungal disease
- thrombophlebitis
- Pustulating skin disease

If you suffer from varicose veins or diabetes before beginning the procedures you need a medical consultation. If you are pregnant, then by all means talk to your doctor, even though the pregnancy itself is not a contraindication to receiving a bubble bath.