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Thai herbal sauna

Many people know about Thai massage in its various manifestations - the therapeutic and erotic, but very few have heard about the Thai herbal sauna. But traditional Thai herbal sauna, actively used in the spa industry in Thailand, hardly less ancient means of healing the body and restore vitality. The therapeutic properties of Thai herbal sauna must double its effect - the mild warming of the muscles of the body and the effects of the active herbal ingredients contained in the herb gathering.

Thai herbal sauna - an ancient tradition that like the art of massage, it is passed through centuries from generation to generation in the Thai monasteries. Originally inhalation of vapors of boiling broth mixture and dry fresh medicinal herbs used in the treatment of diseases of the skin, respiratory tract and relax tense muscles. In the old days the monastic healers, herbalists picked up a mixture of dried and fresh herbs for each case and the patient.

Traditionally, the cooking broth for inhalation using the roots of Praia (a close relative of ginger), turmeric, lemongrass, bergamot, lime, camphor tree leaves and tamarind. Often the composition of the mixture depend on what plants grew in the area, or grown in the garden of the monastery. Although it is hardly possible to find a functioning Thai herbal steam bath in the provincial temples, the tradition has not been lost. On the contrary, it has grown and spread, and herbal steam baths moved to hotels and spas across the country.

Thai herbal sauna somewhat cooler usual dry sauna, the temperature it usually is 35-45 degrees Celsius. In a sauna you can sit or lie down on the built-in benches. Typically, guests are in the sauna for a short intervals of 5-10 minutes, alternating with a cool shower or swimming pool. It is considered that such intervals just sufficient to couples therapeutic essential oils soak in the body, and began to work on circulation. To achieve the best effect the total time in the steam room must be at least 20 minutes. Fragrant steam is created when brewing a combination of fresh and dried herbs and roots, and herbal oils and come in a steam room by the special channels. When penetrates through the pores the molecules of herbs are absorbed by the body. Herbal sauna helps cleanse the body, relax and at the same time restoring vitality, returns the body to ease.