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The action of the Hammam bath on the body

Turkish bath, or as they call it - a hammam, it is not only useful heat. This type of bath is perceived as a whole direction of oriental culture. Turkish baths have long been built as works of art. And today, even visiting a modern hamam, you will be amazed by the beauty of its decoration.

The procedure of the Turkish bath is not limited to the steam room and swimming pool. What would relax your body, soul and most importantly, oriental hamam people spend more than one hour, talking, drinking infusions and teas, cleansing the body.

Classic hamam consists of three buildings. The first serves as a dressing room. Here in the eastern rules, a person leaves all day to day - clothes, shoes, stuff. On the body there is only a loincloth.

The next room is called "pestemal". It is a bath. In this procedure hamam performed using copper cup from which water is poured and olive soap is rinsed with dust and dirt from the skin.

The third room Turkish bath called "hararet" and is a steam room, which is very different from the traditional Slavic. In the hammam steam room is a room where the floor and the beds are made of marble and heated to 40-60 degrees (low enough and comfortable temperature). It is the treatment with peeling, foam and oil massages.

After the sauna should slowly lower your body temperature by taking a dip in the cool water first and complete the process by dipping into ice.

The action of the Turkish bath on the body
Turkish bath - is primarily a relaxation of the body. So the most important effect, which gives a hamam - calming the nervous system. After visiting the baths sleep is improved, pass neurosis, migraines, anxiety. Also worth noting improvement in the general condition of the body and improved mood.

Turkish Bath effectively cleanses the skin, stimulates the regeneration of the skin and metabolism. Slows the effects of aging. And olive oil, which is an inherent part of the procedure, moisturizes and nourishes the skin.

One of the most useful effects of the Turkish bath can be called the acceleration of metabolism, which helps to reduce weight and overall rejuvenation of the body.

Turkish bath gently, carefully and deeply warms the muscles and joints. Visit to the hamam helps to relax after exercise, as well as having a strong positive impact in the recovery from injury.