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Effect of massage on the body

Massage in medicine is called mechanical stimulation of human body parts, made by hands or special devices and machines.

Despite this definition, the effect of massage on the human body can not be considered simply as a mechanical effect on the massaged tissues. This is a complex physiological process, in which the leading role played by the central nervous system.

The action of massage on the body is divided into three factors: the nervous, humoral and mechanical.

The first massage affects the central and autonomic nervous system. At the initial stage of massage is irritation of receptors embedded in the skin, muscles, tendons, joint capsules, ligaments, and the walls of blood vessels. Then on sensitive routes impulses caused by this stimulus is transmitted to the central nervous system and reach the relevant parts of the cerebral cortex of the brain. There is a general complex reaction that causes functional changes in the body.

This mechanism has been described in detail: It means that at one time or another receptor nerve device hits one or the other unit of external or internal part of the body. This impact is transformed into a nervous process in the phenomenon of nervous excitement. The excitation of the nerve waves same as through wires running to the central nervous system, and from there, through the links to other wires to the body, transforming to the specific process of the cells of the body. One or the other unit regularly communicates with one or the other activity of the organism as a cause of its investigation.

Effects of massage on the skin. Massaged skin becomes pink and firm due to increased blood supply. Increases its resistance to mechanical and thermal effects. When stroking an acceleration of the movement of lymph in the lymphatic vessels and reduced congestion in the veins. These processes take place not only in the blood vessels, which are massaged on the site, but also located nearby. This suction effect of massage due to the decrease of pressure in the vessels of the massaged.