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Bali Spa

Balinese massage is a tradition and experience, one of the spa secrets that you have the opportunity to learn and comprehend. The massage technique has incorporated several techniques and unique spa recipes.

In Balinese massage combined: aromatherapy, acupressure and some techniques from Ayurvedic medicine. The philosophy of the massage is based on the laws of energy motion in the human body, so always start with a massage of limbs, and then gradually to the body, and after returning back. Massage elements can be different depending on the individual characteristics of the body and the overall condition of the person.

Gentle movements gradually moving into deeper, allowing you to relax, relieve tension and stress. Also Balinese massage will be beneficial and effective for treatment of injuries sustained during sports. Among the major indications for massage is a headache, back pain, and neck pain and back pain, low back pain, fractures on the stage of healing, bruises and muscle sprains, arthritis, asthma, pneumonia, bronchitis, and much more.

Aromatic oils, balms and natural herbal mixtures are characterized for use during the Balinese massage. This may be a mixture of sandalwood, rice, peanuts and spices, also in their structure can be radically different medicinal trees, milk and honey, extracts of flowers and herbs. By suitable choice of each ingredient individually, depending on the goals and characteristics of the client. Indonesian varieties of massage, in principle, are famous for that use all sorts of herbs, minerals, algae and other natural ingredients. Such thoroughness and uniqueness of the procedure due to the fact that initially a massage done only for Balinese and Javanese royalty.