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Stimulants for the brain


This amino acid, which is a part of our proteins. Normal human diet contains about 2 g of glycine per day. (So ​​if you take even 0.3 grams per day in pill form, then no harm, you will not.) Uses will not be the same. Manufacturers of tablets say that glycine improves memory, but this effect has not been proved. The English Wikipedia about improving memory is not a word.


Caffeine invigorates our body in two ways: blocks the effects of intracerebral substances that suppress the vigor; It enhances and prolongs the action of adrenaline. Safe daily dose of caffeine for an adult - 300-400 mg, is 4-5 cups of coffee. A safe dose for high school students - 100-150 mg, is 1-2 cups of coffee a day. As with all psychoactive drugs, caffeine is addictive: caffeine dose required to achieve vzbadrivaniya effect gradually increases (before missing a morning cup, now we have two).

Baudry by caffeine (guarana extract, yerba mate extract, mateine ​​- all caffeine). Due to the fact that energy carbonated caffeine absorption in the stomach and human intestine is faster and more completely. All other substances contained in the power industry, added to beauty, influence on what they do not have a nervous system. Most of the energy the world are sold in grocery stores. I had a question: "Is energy Harmful?" - Apparently, no more (and no less) than coffee. For ease of calculation of the daily dose can be taken that one jar of energy is equivalent to one cup of coffee.


In 1964 in Belgium it was synthesized piracetam, which "surprised its discoverer ability to stimulate mental work healthy people." Discovered invented for drugs such action beautiful word "nootropics" - and rushed (all substances from here to the end of the article relate to the nootropics). In Russia, piracetam (nootropil) "reinforces the integrative activity of the brain and intellectual activity, contributes to memory consolidation, improves learning processes" prescription. In the US and Western Europe Pyracetamum it not even registered as a drug, because "its effectiveness has not been proven in controlled trials."

Space pills

Fenotropil and Phenibutum were designed in the Soviet Union in the 1960s to "improve mental and physical performance of astronauts." The fate of these tablets is the same as that of piracetam: in Russia they "raise the intellectual activity, stimulate learning processes" and prescription, and in the United States and Western Europe, "their effectiveness in controlled studies has not been proven." Riddle. Then will the substance of proven effectiveness, that's for sure. Before reading, let's make sure you remember: any drugs (especially those proven effectiveness) should be taken only under medical supervision; any psychoactive substances are addictive; the dose required to achieve the effect, gradually increases and can reach toxic values; starting with a super-soft drugs, you can very quickly reach the medium-heavy. No, even the most terrible test is not worth it!


It is used to treat excessive sleepiness - accordingly, for healthy people, he makes it possible for a long time did not sleep. The scent invigorating modafinil allows the American, British and French military withstand prolonged sleep deprivation during combat operations. In addition, modafinil improves some aspects of short-term memory, such as storage of numbers, calculation and pattern recognition. In Russia, modafinil is included in the second list of narcotic drugs (of four available), along with cocaine and morphine. In the United States - in the fourth list of five available, so American students to get modafinil is much easier (and safer) than ours.


Delve into drugs: Ritalin in Russia completely banned (list I), in the United States released only by prescription (list II). In spite of such severity, in 2013, Americans took two billion doses of Research Chemicals. In the US and European countries Ritalin is used to treat ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder). Roughly speaking, enough to come to the doctor, tell him that you "can not concentrate" - and your treasured recipe, you can eat tabletochku and improve their performance. "The first time I took Ritalin in the 7th grade. His doctor prescribed to me, because it was assumed that I had a mild form of ADHD - I pretended that I have it, to justify the low level of (I was pretty lazy). I took about 40 mg a day and felt that it made me lord of all that I do. And the way it went, day after day, until I experienced the strongest point of psychosis. This was really scary! It seemed that everything melts and changes shape, I was very scared. "