01.09.2013Many people know about Thai massage in its various manifestations - the therapeutic // more

21.08.2013With the right approach to the creation of spa-zone investor not only increases the attractiveness of the hotel// more

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Best of spaFor the modern way of life where speed is a necessary requirement, relaxation and recreation is a luxury. And not many can afford this luxury, not because of financial difficulties, but because of the basic lack of time.

PeelingPeeling occupy an important place in the body care. This purification skin procedure, which is a peeling of the upper thickened skin layers.

Sun PoisoningWhile solar urticaria can present more severe symptoms than other types of sun poisoning, it is usually treatable through desensitization and other techniques.

BALI SPABalinese massage is a tradition exploration. Is the one of the spa secrets that you have the opportunity to learn and comprehend.